First tip ever…lasagna is delicious, but eat in moderation!  My dad just made some of the best lasagna I have EVER had last night.  Needless to say, I am a huge fan of it and am on no diet what-so-ever.  The key is to obviously enjoy it, but don’t overdo it.  If you start telling yourself “I shouldn’t have that much” or “I shouldn’t eat anymore” then you should probably listen to that voice.  Make sure you eat enough to enjoy it, but not to put yourself in a food coma!  I had a pretty decent sized helping last night, and I had about half of that size today for my lunch.  I typically don’t eat a huge lunch, but I figured that as much as I work out I should enjoy some of this amazing food before it is gone!  There is no problem in eating delicious food, just do it in moderation!